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Dear frustrated beginner,

On the home page we gave you an insight to how to start your first business online, the first step. As you read through this page and subsequent pages you will realise that there is no way to get rich quick, no easy way to make money online and there never will be. But there is a system that could enable you to start your first business online from home that might grow over a short period of time into a 5 or 6 figures a year income just by following a proven action plan and delivering quality instead of hype and misinformation?

Sometimes I think that some of those already successful online do not really want too many people to become successful so they make it as difficult or complicated as possible for most others to join them at the top enjoying their freedom lifestyle because they fear too much competition? Or maybe they are not gifted at teaching with a few exceptions? They often over complicate things when steps required can be more simply explained. That is what I believe although as explained before there are those who pretend to be rich simply selling scams.

So are you really ready to start your first business online? One that could grow steadily from a few extra to maybe hundreds or thousands or more every month, not quickly but faster than all those get rich quick scams. Every millionaire and multi-millionaire online had to work very hard for many years, invest a lot of their money to learn from some one already doing it. There are no short cuts, no magic software, no Google under the radar, secret codes or any of those lies that work. Learning followed by hard work, at least at the beginning, is always required, so if hard work scares you, stick to your lifetime of legalised slavery that your job/career is.