Start At The Begining

Find A Niche Within Your Passion, One With High Google Monthly Searches But Not Too Much Competition Or Using The Same Niche!

The very first steps are always the hardest because you will be learning new skills but once you have done them they no longer seem hard, in fact they become easy. I knew absolutely nothing when I decided to start my first business online more then 10 years ago but now I am still amazed at tasks I am now able to carry out and show others that years ago I never thought I would be able to master? So as long as you are serious, have determination to succeed, and will refuse to quit, then you too could surprise yourself and possible achieve success beyond your wildest dreams?


The best place to start is at the beginning. So as we have already seen that is by choosing your niche within a niche. Once that has been established as being viable in terms of having a group of eager, hungry people in sufficient numbers willing to pay you to solve their problem, or enrich their lives or maybe provide or teach them about a service that has a high demand, then the next step is taking action to put the required factors in place, so that information is presented exactly where they are searching to find it?

Too many people never take this vital step, and wonder why they are not making any money? Simply posting all over the internet, some thing that most people are nor interested in, will get you accused of spam, and your business will fail even before it has got off the ground? This is especially true of many affiliates or idiots posting links to porn? They are lazy or haven’t bothered to learn how to market their offer to those select group of people who want to see it? Affiliates by the way are people who want to make money promoting a  product or service created by some one else for a percentage of the selling price when some one buys from their unique affiliate link. However there is a proper way to do this, which I will now explain.

To make several sales as an affiliate, you must target your offer to the very group of people who might want it, not just to every one and their dog who do not! And the best way is to start with your first investment, getting your own URL domain. Because I am based in the UK, this link takes you to the UK branch but it is easy to change over to your country from there from a link on their website? Click on the EN link at the top left of the website and select your country. There are many other sites where you can purchase your own domain so you might prefer searching “website domain” instead on your search engine? Do NOT get a FREE domain because they usually have ads and nobody will take you seriously or buy from you.

Having a domain is essential as is web hosting, the next step. Although you can host your website where you purchased your domain, I highly recommend that instead you purchase that elsewhere. That is because, as the saying goes, do not place all your eggs in one basket, and having separate domain and hosting providers gives you much more control over your website being your property because it is easier to change your web hosting provider should you ever have a reason to do so? However, there is another solution where you can get in depth training with free web hosting for up to 25 websites from where I host my own websites. Although you are starting with one website, eventually you might wish to purchase additional domains for other niches so joining here will save you money in the long run.

I also highly recommend that you get an autoresponder account so that you can start building a list of those who opt in or buy from you? If you offer a valuable free gift first then ask them to enter their email or their name and email before they are able to download it, then you can send pre-written emails automatically to them selecting how frequently they are sent, say every day or sometimes some after 2 days where appropriate? Many people send 3 or more emails to me on the same day, something that irritates me, especially when it is the exact same email? They usually make me unsubscribe because that is overkill and unnecessary? Do not do like they do!

All these require an investment but the good news is that the following are all free to join but will prove invaluable to your business success. My first recommendation is here. Here you can watch videos but the main reason to join for free is because you can create your own sales videos, using your iPhone or mobile, or video camera, and upload it to YouTube where you copy the embedded code by clicking on the video and selecting copy, then pasting it into the code section when you create your website, but don’t worry, we will go into greater detail later on about how to place it exactly where you want it to show?

Next join Facebook, then also create your own page, which will be your business page, and make sure your profile displays the link to your page? Again, I will explain this is greater detail later. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet? Also Google Plus. You will need a Google email but joining here is essential and again I will explain more later. Then there is Twitter another valuable site to make yourself and your business known and let people know that you have the solution some of them are looking to find? There are many others that are useful but start with these for now.