Affiliate Marketing The Truth

Affiliate Marketing Is Not The Easiest Way To Make Money Online!

How Many Times Have You Read That Blatant Lie? There Is No Easy Way To Make Money Be It Online Or Offline! It Is Only Easy When You Learn How To Do It. Would You Like To Discover Why Only 2 – 3% Of Affiliates Actually Make Money?


Dear affiliate marketer,

Are you making 4 to 6 or more figures a month as an affiliate? Why not? Doesn’t almost everyone tell you that it is the easiest way to make money online? So if it is so easy why do so few succeed? The simple answer is that there is no easy way to make money until you learn how to do it correctly. This applies to affiliate marketing as well as any other way to make money. If there really was an easy way to make money, millions of people would be doing it.

So what is the right way to start making money as an affiliate and what is an affiliate? An affiliate is some one who sells a product created by some one else for a percentage of the selling price, anything from say 5% to 100%? The lower end are usually for high end products from say Amazon while the higher end from 50% to 70% are from Clickbank or JV Zoo? And the 100% are paid only to those who sell scores to hundreds every month. They are the Super Affiliates who make a full time income online.

So how do these Super Affiliates make the lion’s share of all the affiliate sales? What do they do differently from the many who earn zero or the occasional sales a year? To be like them you need to start by learning the basics of marketing online. Simply getting an affiliate URL link to the main website and posting that link everywhere online is not the way to succeed but a great way to rub a lot of other people up the wrong way. Almost nobody clicks on affiliate links today because they know it is an affiliate link.

Even cloaking that ugly affiliate URL link is not enough. You need to start out as a business not a hobby. Starting a business requires some investment of money before you might begin to earn any. The things that you must buy are your own domain URL, web hosting, an autoresponder account, and traffic generation targeted at the very people who are searching for a solution to their problem that your affiliate product addresses and solves.

Or some thing that greatly enriches their lives so that they will be willing to pay for it. So it stands to reason that simply selling trash that does not help others is never going to make you a dime. So choose what you wish to promote well because most online products on affiliate sites are trash, full of hype and lies about how easy it is to get rich quick or wonderful it is but does not do ever as claimed. Always research the product and the vendor, (the product creator), to read the reviews about it or better still buy it and see for yourself if it does as they claim? If it does not ask for a full refund and never sell it.

When you start your first business online, make sure you only sell what works, not what you think will make you rich, because only quality can make you rich for life. Also your reputation as some one who can be trusted is dependant on what you sell, so decide to be some one who makes sure what they sell will benefit others, not just make you a little extra before your business folds after people find out you only care about your own pocket? Scammers often go to jail so don’t ever be one of them. Get your free report here.