About Me

Stephen J Vincent.



Welcome to about me. I believe it is only right that you should know a little about me. I am just like you and not one of those super rich online guru’s who are full of bs hype and will often say whatever it takes to get your money and make claims that cannot be substantiated because they often are telling you lies just to empty your pockets.

I am a  Hungarian born in Germany and living in the UK. Enjoying semi-retirement and was in a a relationship with my soul mate Jennifer, sharing her family, her daughter Phillipa, and her two little girls Yasemin age 8 and Ceylin who wasl 7 on December 2016. Also sharing a close friendship with the father of the little girls Urgar who is Turkish. Sadly Jennifer passed away on April 24th 2015.

I started my online business with the Chris Farrell Membership on 27th September 2008 and was a member until earlyChris Farrell 4 2014. I am now working at Wealthy Affiliate University yet am still mainly using the methods as taught by Chris Farrell as opposed to what they teach at WA. In fact I do use both methods although not on every one of my websites.

It took me a lot longer than the 6 months Chris took to see his $250 days, not every day but most days.For me to start earning money took more than a year but I am now making regular sales and increasing the size of my mailing lists as well. Like Chris, who nearly quit twice when he started in February 2008,I too refused to give up.

So my message to you is NEVER GIVE UP. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Unless you are serious, and understand that making money online requires weeks if not months or years of hard work, learning many new skills, asking for help whenever you get stuck, and refusing to ever give up, my advise is don’t bother.

Get rich quick is a lie used by unscrupulous greedy scam artists who are only after money from beginners who don’t know better and lazy fools who are born every minute. Don’t be another victim, Join Wealthy Affiliate University Membership and if you really are in a hurry to make money, once you join there many ways where you can be fast tracked from beginner to earning a passive online income working from home.