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How to Start Your First Business Online From Home The Right Way To Make Life Changing Incomes That Last A Lifetime? Grab Your Step By Step Guide To Success Using My Free Report To Get You Going

This Isn’t Another How To Get Rich Quick Scam! This Is Much More Including How To Have The Correct Mindset, Why You Must First Find Out What People Really Want To Know? Why You Don’t Need To Be An Expert, How To Find What People Cannot Find And Present It To Them. Why Affiliate Marketing Is Not The Easiest Way To Make Money, And So On? 


If you are any way like me and are totally fed up, to use a polite description, of all those websites telling you how easy it is to get rich quick, make money in minutes, or overnight, or within days then you are finally going to wise up and hopefully realise that no such way exists. There are right and wrong ways to begin your adventure towards escaping the daily rat race of a job/career of lifetime slavery ending in retirement poverty. Millions work in a job yet how many of them ever earn millions? The only way that you might ever earn millions is if you start your first business online because that way the overheads are far less than with an offline business which also poses additional problems and far greater risks.

An online business can be run from any location in the world as long as you have internet access. Not so easy to move an offline business? Also an online business can be started from home, with only yourself whereas an offline business requires premises, staff, and additional overheads. I presume you are here because you wish to start your first business online, so let us begin with the how to go about it, and what you need to do to become successful and what not to do?

Fist Steps.

Begin by deciding what you would like to base your business on? What expertise did you gain that you could pass on to others and one where there are thousands searching online to learn about it, so why not from you? You see, you might be great at bible knowledge but when I checked there were 223,000,000 searches which is good, but how could you possibly out compete so many websites as a beginner online? No, what you need are far fewer searches, but more than enough to give you a chance to get your website listed in the first 3 on page 1, so you get those thousands of targeted potential buyers to view your offer?

Or you have money to risk on paid first page listings, which get less views then those that are listed for free, because they are the most relevant for the keywords people type into say Google to find the information that you are providing? However, paid placements usually but not always get listed quicker. I say that because I have optimised keywords that almost instantly get my page on page one, sometimes at the very top? But I have been working online for over 10 years and have learnt a lot more than you.

So what you want to do is find a niche within a niche, one that is extremely specific, without 220,000,000 monthly searches, but somewhere between 10,000 to 300,000 although sometimes more is good if your website is more niche specific then those displayed on page 1? For instance, if your business is about golf, then golf has 1,380,000,000 monthly searches when I checked just as I was writing this, but a niche like “correct your golf slice” has 3,370,000 monthly searches today. Still too many so how about “why am I slicing my driver to the right” has just 683,000 monthly searches, getting better.

However, relying only on keywords is not good enough? Should Google decide to change their formula for ranking websites, then your business can vanish overnight so to speak? There are many ways to drive traffic, (targeted buyers), to view your offer, and it is not the purpose of this report to reveal everything to you while you are still learning to get started? So first choose your niche, make it as specific as possible making sure there are at least 100.000 to 250,000 monthly searches from eager buyers who are looking for your solution to their problem. So If you wish to learn more then Get Your Free Report From Here!